School Parliament

Welcome to the new School Parliament !

Here we will tell you about the School Parliament’s jobs and what we will be doing around the school. The Prime Minister is Nicola (6A), the Deputy Prime Minister is Hiriam (6M). Their job is to monitor the groups that work in School Parliament.

The next job for School Parliament is Minister of Pupil Voice on Curriculum. The people that do this job are Sophia (6M) , Ava (1G) and Elisha (4L) . They look at the teaching and learning in the school as well as looking at how children are assessed. Current project: Learning Walks/Lesson Observations

The next job is Minister of Pupil Voice on Policies. The people that do this job are Alex (3F), Ava (5V) and Leo (6A). They look at homework, Anti-bullying and Marking! Current project: Playground behaviour video

The next job is us (Boaz 4L , Luke 4B,Jesse 1E and Kaia 1E). We do things on the computers and update the School Website as we speak! Current project: Learning Walk Review

Another job is Minister of Health and Safety (Mariz 2G, Olivia 5A), They look at how people are travelling around the school as well as maintaining the pupil zones! Current project: Friend bench project

The next job for School Parliament is Minister of School Grounds. These people are: Tony (1G) ,Ethan (3J) and Sedonna (4B). They manage playground issues and look for litter on the floor! Current project: Friend bench project

Next we have the Minister of Events also known as Devon 5A and Hope  2A, They prepare school events throughout the year! Current project: Sports Ambassador Award

We have the Minister of Sports, also known as Charlie (4B) , Muniya (3J) and Ethan (2E). Their job is to  sort competitions, clubs and healthy schools! Current project: Sports Ambassador Award

Last but not least we have the Minister of Charity and Community! Which are Megan (5V) and Ellie (3F)! Their job is the most important; they help charity awareness and community awareness! Current project: Family Passports

Well those  are our jobs as School Parliament! We will be around the school all the time so if you have any problems speak to us!

School Parliament!



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