Payment System and Dinner Declaration Form

The system is as follows:
• Parents should decide what type of lunches their child requires for each half-term: either packed lunch or school meals.

• Once the decision has been made you will not be allowed to change until the end of that same half-term. If you wish to change your child’s dinner arrangements i.e. from packed lunches to school dinners or vice versa, you will be required to complete the Dinner Declaration Form and hand it in to the school office, prior to the start of the new half term. No form is needed if your child’s dinner arrangements are to stay the same.

• Staff no longer collect cash at the reception desk. School meals must be paid for by putting correct monies in an envelope clearly marked with the name of your child, his/her class and the purpose for sending the payment. Dinner money envelopes should then be placed in the white box marked “School Dinner Payments”.

• No change will be given from any cash transaction. Please note, if over payment is made, it will be credited to your child’s dinner account.

• Cheques should be made payable to St Elizabeth Catholic Primary School and enclosed in an envelope clearly marked as above.

• School dinners are £1.90 per day and £9.50 per week. This amount should be paid in advance (preferably at the beginning of the week or month). For your information, a list of school dinner fees can be found on the window of the reception desk.

If you are entitled to Free School Meals (FSM), please ensure you make a claim with the Benefits Office, prior to the start of the School Term. Claims for free school meals should be made annually and is the sole responsibility of parent / carer, not the school. PLEASE NOTE, IF YOU FAIL TO RENEW YOUR FREE SCHOOL MEALS CLAIM, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE MEALS ORDERED. If in doubt as to when your child’s FSM expires, please check with the school office. Hackney parents/carers should apply to the school office for an application for Free School Meals.

If you have not completed a School Meals Declaration Form you can either call the school to request one, collect one from reception when dropping off/collecting your child or follow the link below.

To register for free school meals please click here.

For further advice and information for parents, click here.