KS2 Easter Gardens

Thank you to all the pupils who created an Easter Garden. Your efforts were recognised by all the staff in the school. The competition was judged by the KS1 TA’s and the winners are as follows:

3F – 1st: Billy         2nd: Zahin              3rd: Luke

3J – 1st: Nazah      2nd: Matthew        3rd: Zachary

4L – 1st: Wiktoria        2nd: Alex         3rd: Max

4B – 1st: Sofia          2nd: Summer             3rd: Poppy

5A – 1st: Dani          2nd: Devon           3rd: Matthew

5V – 1st: Isabella         2nd: Tia          3rd: Blessie

6M – 1st: Miguel           2nd: Harrison           3rd: Shenai

6A – 1st: Nicola            2nd: Mariae           3rd: Taylor