Meet the Governors

Who We Are

St Elizabeth has 14 governors. There are 8 Foundation governors, 1 governor appointed by the Local Authority, 3 elected Parent Governors, 1 Staff governor and the Headteacher.


Contacting the governors

We welcome the views of parents and are always happy to discuss any concerns or ideas you may have to improve the school. Parent governors are often available in the playground before or after school (you can identify us from the noticeboard just inside the front door), or you can leave a message for us in the office.

Link Governors

One of the key roles and responsibilities for the governing body is to monitor the progress and performance of the school. Link governors hold positions with specific responsibilities in the governing body. St Elizabeth use link governors to share the workload more effectively. The link governor can play a significant role in developing the effectiveness of the governing body and in raising school standards. Reports from the link governor will not only help the governing body understand what happens in schools but also helps the governor to fulfil their strategic role.