Introduction and Governor Responsibilities

The governing body of St Elizabeth Catholic Primary School is a group of 14 elected parent and teacher volunteers and members of the community appointed by the Diocese and Local Authority, and we are responsible for the strategic management of the school.

Miss John provides vision, leadership and direction for the school and ensures that it is managed and organised to meet its aims and targets, which are established by the Governing Body.   We are unified in our intention for St Elizabeth to keep our children safe and happy, and for them all to make as much progress and achieve as best they can.

Fundamentally, our role covers the following areas:

  • Strategic

agree the aims, values and Catholic ethos of the school; support curriculum policies; approve budgets and the school   development plan; respond to inspection plans and publish action plans

  • Monitoring

help to promote the school policies, monitor budgets and plans; keep up to date with the quality and educational standards within the school

  • Executive

share responsibility for the recruitment of senior staff as well as participate in disciplinary matters

  • Accountability

ensure that parents are kept informed about developments within the school and listen to parents’ views

  • Supporting

support and advise Ms John through the provision of practical help and skills.

There are 3 sub-committees (Teaching and Learning, Finance and Resources, Pupil Support and Community) which meet twice a term. The main governing body meets every half term.

In addition to this, each curriculum area has a lead teacher and a linked governor, and we often spend time in school in order to maintain a good sense of how the school is functioning.