Governor Building Fund

Governor Building Fund – Information for Parents

What is the Governor Building Fund?                    

The Governor Building Fund is a vital element in ensuring that the School is a safe, well-equipped and pleasant environment for the children and staff.  This money is held and managed by the Governing Body and has charitable status.

As a Catholic maintained school, St Elizabeth is Voluntary Aided. This means that whilst most of our income is derived from government funding, in return for the right to promote the Catholic faith and retain other distinct freedoms, 10% of the cost of building or infrastructure works and major repairs must be funded by the Diocese.

The Department for Education provides a grant of 90% towards capital projects, but the Governing Body is responsible for raising the remaining 10%.  Therefore if capital works cost £10,000 the Governing Body can claim a grant of £9,000 but will have to fund the remaining £1,000. We do this by asking for voluntary contributions from parents/carers.

What is the Governor Building Fund for?

Over the past few years the Fund has enabled the following school improvements:

  • The community house
  • The redesign and refurbishment of the school’s Early Years classrooms and play areas
  • The refurbishment of the Key Stage 2 washrooms
  • Canopies for Reception and Year 1 and works to the Key Stage 1 playground

What the Governors’ Fund does not pay for: Staffing and general premises costs, supplies and services, curriculum supplies and learning resources are funded by the Local Education Authority.

What plans are there for the future?

  • ICT infrastructure improvements / enhancement of the curriculum IT network
  • Improving outdoor teaching and learning areas

How can parents help? We ask you to consider making voluntary donations and we thank those who already do contribute in this way.

How much should I give?  As a guide, we suggest £10 per child per term which equates to £30 per year– that’s less than a pint of a beer a month, or a trip to the cinema!  Please feel free to pay more or less than this amount, according to what you can afford; it really is up to you.  Any and all contributions are very gratefully received.

What is the best way to pay? 

You can pay by cash or cheque and you can spread the payments over the school year.

Why Gift Aid?  If you are a UK taxpayer you are able to increase the value of your donation by 25% by completing the Gift Aid section of the form. The Gift Aid form must be signed by the tax-paying donor.

I am not sure if I am contributing/if my contributions are up to date? Please contact the school office either in person, or via the Contact page on the website

The Governors would like to thank everyone who has contributed in the past and those who have maintained their commitment to contributing to the School Building Fund, you should be proud that your kind contributions have gone a long way to help improve the learning environment for your children at St Elizabeth.

Below are some of the improvements that you have funded.

St E Comm


We went from this…


St E3

To this.


St EEY  St EWindow


These new, fresh toilets have been very well received by Key Stage 2.