Class Advocates

to be a class advocate for their child’s class. So far we have:

Alaa Zounaghi, Parent of Lina In Nursery




parent advocates 001

Carole mum of Olivia 6A



Leigh Scott, Parent of Frankie RS








 Emma Baird & Haida Bernia, Parent of Betsie 1E and Maysa 1E







Kathleen Clarke, Parent of Patrice 4B







Sacha Tarsia, Parent of Alex 4L                                                                        







Miriam Longcham, Parent of Charles 6M








As you can see, we do not have all the classes represented!

Do you want to nominate a parent that you think would be good to do this? if so, speak to Sue Braniff and she will ask them!

Look out for your class advocate as they will be collecting your mobile number to set up a WhatsApp group.