Learning Walk Review


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In Literacy we do writing work for instance: fables , story writing,persuasive writing and poems. We do most writing in this subject and many children enjoy learning literacy because we try and make are teachers proud and try our  best,we can practise are handwriting and get pen licence.


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In maths we learn fractions,adding and subtracting,2D shapes and 3D shapes and decimals. In maths we enjoy times tables and challenging work.


Learning Walk (15)

In science we learn the body parts of humans and animals,weather,earth and beyond and electricity ,habitats and sounds. We enjoy learning science because it’s interesting and we learn fun facts.

by the Ministers of Technology

(Boaz, Jesse, Luke, Kaia)

Sports Coaches in Year 2

The Ministers of Sport went round to the Year 2 classes and asked them what they like about their Sport lessons. Here is what they said:

They all like football and races. They also like gymnastics and balancing, rolling, games, jumping, tricks and the way the coaches explain things like football skills. They also liked learning, they liked how they were teaching and learning they also liked playing good matches against the other classes.

Muniya, Ethan and Charlie

Ministers of Sport

Maths Week 2017!

Thank you to all the staff, parents and children who helped to make Maths Week 2017 a brilliant week! We hope you enjoyed the workshops, dress up day and competitions!

Miss Macleod and Ms Galeri

Mathletics Competition Results!

During Maths Week last week, we held a competition for Years 1 to 6 to see which class could gain the most points in one week! Thank you to all the parents who helped support their child with this at home; I hope you got to see the benefits of the programme.

Here is the leader board, with class totals:

1st 6M  – 43,945
2nd 4L  – 18,060
3rd 4B  – 14,969
4th 3F  – 14,906
5th 3J  – 10,651
6th 5V  – 8351
7th 5A  – 6888
8th 2E  – 6435
9th 6A  – 6326
10th 1G  – 4635
11th 2G  – 1400
12th 1E  – 331

Miss Macleod

Road Safety

On Thursday 24th November Years 1-6 had the opportunity to attend a road safety workshop presented by the School Magic Roadshow. The workshop taught the children all about road safety and there were some magic tricks along the way. Take some time to ask your children about what they learnt. img_0007 img_0008










Check out their website for more details about what the children learned:


Children In Need

On Friday 18th November we at St Elizabeth raised money for Children in Need.

BBC Children In Need exists to change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. Their vision is that every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood and the chance to reach their potential. The money raised is used to support projects working with disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. Children In Need are currently supporting around 2,400 projects that are working with children facing a range of disadvantages. The children and staff at St Elizabeth were encouraged to come to school  wearing the colour yellow or spots. Each year we help to raise money for Children In Need and we aim to raise yet another generous amount this year and were asked to make a donation on the day.

Lamis and Kiko two of our School Parliament members went round on the day to take pictures. Check them out:


img_1640 img_1651 img_1653 img_1657 img_1661 img_1662 img_1663 img_1664

Black History Celebration!!

Hi Everyone… This is Selin and Victoria. We are the Ministers of Events in the School Parliament. Here is what we thought about the Black History…

On Thursday 20th October we celebrated Black History. We celebrate this because of the important Black people who made a difference in our world. First we saw dancing in the KS2 Hall, after we went to the KS1 Hall, where kind parents brought in delicious food from different African/Caribbean countries. There was interesting music. People were dressed in different African or Caribbean clothing.

We learned about famous African American people like: Elizabeth Colman, Mo Farah, Malorie Blackman, George Washington Carver, Barack Obama and Martin Luther King. We had a workshops with Mrs Fire and an African drummer.

It was brilliant!


img_1503 img_1508 img_1514