Parent Advocates

Thank you to the parents who have agreed to be a class advocate.

The purpose of the advocates is to share school information and remind parents of up coming events.

We will be looking for new advocates in September to take over the role.

If you are not part of the WhatsApp group, you will need to give your mobile number to your class advocate.

If you have any questions relating to this you can speak to Sue Braniff at school.

Strengthening Families 2017

sfsc 2017 018 sfsc 2017 023 - Copy sfsc 2017 022 - Copy sfsc 2017 021 - Copy sfsc 2017 020 - Copy sfsc 2017 019 - Copy sfsc 2017 017 - Copy sfsc 2017 016 - Copy sfsc 2017 015 - Copy sfsc 2017 014 - Copy sfsc 2017 013 - Copy sfsc 2017 012 - Copy sfsc 2017 011 - Copy sfsc 2017 010 - Copy Congratulations to the parents that have graduated from our Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities parenting programme.

To find out about the next course, speak to Sue Braniff ( Family Support Worker )

or Anna Hair ( Learning Mentor).

The parents were joined by their children for the certificate presentation and then enjoyed a delicious buffet.

The certificates were presented by Naomi Sutherland (Ass Head).

The children were excited to see their parents receiving their certificates.


sfsc 2017 009 - Copy

Food Bank

Thank you so much for your donations of food for the Bow Food Bank. The food was delivered to them this week and they were extremely grateful. Please continue with your donations as we would like to deliver some more food to them before we break up for the summer!


Day 2 at Kingswood (Group 24)


Hi Group 24 here. In Group 24 we have Suraya, Tia, Anicia, Savannah, George, Jake, Dempsey, Callum, Ben, Norbert Paris and trying to keep up with them is Mr Vidal and Miss Hair. Day 2 was a full fun packed day. The children experienced the drama of the courtroom with a debate about whether aliens were real. Then the children showed lots of bravery during the leap of faith challenge and they showed great teamwork in the problem solving challenges before again reaching for the skies during an indoor climb. The day ended with a big game of dodgeball which got the children’s hearts pumping.

More fun ahead tomorrow

from Group 24
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Day 2 at Kingswood (Group 21)

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We have are having the best time! In out group we have; Johnny, Jackson, Inesa, Lucy, Deribhle, Kesia, Onica, Flynn, Nathaniel, Sean, Ben, Alberto and Kanye.

Today we Nightline- we were blindfolded and we got so muddy!! Then we did Aeroball. This was like basketball on a trampoline. After that, we did Crate Stack – we got to kick the crates down after which was fun. After lunch, we did Marble Motion where we used paper to create a roller coaster for a marble. Then we did some problem solving, we worked better with each other towards the end! Finally we did some rock climbing! We are all exhausted after a long night and day. Shortly, we will be going to Mini Olympics and then hopefully have a long sleep!

The other groups will update soon!


from Year 6