Sports Coaches in Year 2

The Ministers of Sport went round to the Year 2 classes and asked them what they like about their Sport lessons. Here is what they said:

They all like football and races. They also like gymnastics and balancing, rolling, games, jumping, tricks and the way the coaches explain things like football skills. They also liked learning, they liked how they were teaching and learning they also liked playing good matches against the other classes.

Muniya, Ethan and Charlie

Ministers of Sport

The Irena Urbonas Award for Sporting Excellence

Congratulations to Valentina (6J) who is the first winner of The Irena Urbonas Award for Sporting Excellence. This is an award to celebrate exceptional sportsmen and sportswomen. They show great passion and enthusiasm for sport and participate in sport in and out of school.  The nominees were chosen by their peers in Year 6.

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Finn (6M)

Aaron (6M)

Dorcas (6M)

Valentina (6J)

Bernard (6J)

Mason (6J)

Laurence (6J)

Simeon (6J)

Amelie (6M)

Aimee (6J)

Louise (6J)


Miss Macleod

PE Coordinator

East London Youth Games – Sportshall Athletics

Twenty children from Year 5 and 6 took part in the East London Sportshall Athletics competition yesterday at the Copper Box arena in the Olympic Park. We were there representing Tower Hamlets. The other schools from Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark, Havering and Newham were all fantastic! It was great to see such talented children!

The children all did so well. I saw fantastic examples of team spirit and good sportsmanship! Everyone was competing for Team St. Elizabeth! Unfortunately, we didn’t qualify for the London games, but we are all really proud of what we have achieved already!

Well done to the Girls: Valentina (6J), Sophie (6J), Aimee (6J), Amelie (6J), Brogan (6M), Mary (6M), Dorcas (6M), April (5W), Christina (5W) and Inesa (5W)

Well done to the Boys: Finn (6M), Aaron (6M), Elijah (6M), Johnny (6M), Mason (6M), Rehum (6J), Bernard (6J), Simeon (6J), Laurence (6J) and Nathaniel (5W)

Miss Macleod

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KS2 Sports Hall Athletics Competition

We arrived and practised our events. When we finished practising we were split into boys and girls. Then the girls went to Javelin, Speed Bounce and Chest Push. Boys went to Triple Jump, Vertical Jump and Standing Long Jump.

We were told distances but not places. When everyone had their events, they called us together and told us what to do in the relay.

We were all split into little teams and told what distance we had to run in the relay. The girls went first (Aimee and Brogan) one lap each and won the race. The next race was Christina and Sophie who won the two lap race. The next race was Mary and Valentina. We did three laps each and we won!

The first race for the boys was Simeon and Elijah who did one lap each. They won their race. Then it was Bernard and Aaron who ran two laps each and they won their race. The next race was Finn and Laurence. They did three laps each and won.

Then at the very end, we did a race involving four girls running one lap each (Valentina, Mary, Sophie, Christina). We won our race! Then the boys did the same (Simeon, Elijah, Aaron and Bernard) and they got first place.

Then we waited for the results, we had won! We went up to collect our medals!!!

By Valentina, Simeon and Bernard


5W MeGa BLOG!!!

Hello! We haven’t done a blog in a while, so we thought of doing a…(wait a minute)… A MEGA BLOG!!!!!

This mega blog has a couple of topics between our last blog and now.


Our Topic, Space


Our topic this term is on space. Recently we have been leaning about  planets in our Solar System. We learned the different properties of the unique planets.

Girls Football Team


Where did you come?  3rd

How many  schools took part ?4

Who won? Lawdale

Who was top scorer? Christina,2 goals

Fact of the week: Wasps can remember human faces!!!!!!!!

By: Sean, Alberto, Inesa and Rian.