SEND Sports WRS at Globe School

WRS or Weininger Resistance Sliding was invented by Weininger Irwin, the UKs first ever Gladiators Champion, in his living room. WRS combines sliding and pulling and can be played in a variety of positions with moves such as a hamstring slide, lat pull or quad push, or just to simply to have fun. Olympic champion runner Mo Farah, World champion gymnast Beth Tweddle, Dame Kelly Holmes and even members of Redbridge police, have all participated in WRS. Participants glide 13.4 meters on a specially-created mat and try to be the first to reach the end. Not only does the sport give you an aerobic workout and target core muscle groups, it is also all-inclusive. You basically find different ways of pulling yourself across the floor and it’s very exciting! Our SEND Sports Team participated as enthusiastically as ever as they competed against other schools in our Canary Wharf Group Funded Bethnal Green Cluster. Thank you once again to them for their generous support, our children could not enjoy such stimulating and healthy pursuits without it.
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SEND Sports Morning – curling at St. Elizabeth

SEND Sports Morning Comes to St Elizabeth!
It was St Elizabeth’s turn to host the latest SEND Sports Morning inviting other schools from the Bethnal Green Cluster. Our exciting event was new age curling, using stones on wheels as we weren’t playing on the traditional ice. All pupils, and some adults, had a fantastic time competing and of course excellent sporting behaviour won in the end. We look forward to the next event in the new year and would like to thank all those that attended and of course a big thank you to Canary Wharf Group for their generous support.

Here are some action shots of the pupils honing their new age curling skills.