Authors Aloud! Tony De Saulles visits Years 5 and 6

Horrible Science illustrator Tony De Saulles

Tony De Saulles, illustrator of the wildly popular Horrible Science books, visited Years 5 and 6 on March 6th to conduct a drawing workshop.

Tony began by telling us that many people – especially adult people – tell themselves that they aren’t ‘good’ at art, but that in fact, all of us can draw. Tony told us that throughout the session, as we held our finished work up in the air, we should look around and notice that although we were all drawing the same subject, no-one’s work would look exactly the same as anyone else’s – and all the work would be good!

Years 5 and 6 pay close attention to Tony De Saulles

Years 5 and 6 pay close attention to Tony De Saulles

In just one hour, Tony taught us how to draw: a snail on a fork; a dog in two states of being; and an elephant’s bottom – featuring elephant poop that looked so real you could almost smell it! He also demonstrated how to make our cartoon figures really active: running, kicking, and falling; so realistically that there’s no need for a speech bubble saying ‘Ouch!’ (although you could add one if you wanted to…)

Can you spot 'Dairylea Girl' in this picture?

Can you spot ‘Dairylea Girl’ in this picture?

Could you make a memorable cartoon character from a simple triangle shape? Tony De Saulles can, and he showed us how to do it too! He also told us the secret to making cartoon characters consistent: be aware which parts of the face change, depending on how we’re feeling. So, if we’re angry, our eyebrows might come together in a frown, our mouth might purse up tight and our eyes might narrow. However, our nose won’t change shape, and our ears will stay the same – even if steam is coming out of them!

Big smiles and beautiful work on display!

Big smiles and beautiful work on display!

Tony De Saulles gave us so many tips and tricks to create great cartoons and illustrations, but he also made time to encourage us to look around and notice that design and illustration is all around us – and that means that there are opportunities to make a career out of our creativity. Would you like to illustrate books as Tony does? Maybe you’d like to be an animator in a film studio? Or perhaps you always notice great design and packaging, and could make our every-day products that bit more artistic and exciting?

A HUGE thank you to Tony De Saulles and Authors Aloud for such an exciting and inspirational workshop! And if you are wondering what a ‘dog in two states of being’ might be, here is a video that Finn in Year 6 made following Tony’s workshop that will show you!